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5 Unavoidable Differences Between A Professional and Non-professional Wedding Videographer

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5 Unavoidable Differences Between A Professional and Non-professional Wedding Videographer


The world of technology has evolved so drastically over the years that people can take professional level photographs to the next level with ease and confidence. With the emergence of a new breed of smart mobile phones namely iPhone, Samsung and many more People can feel like the next James Cameron. However, nothing beats the skills and importance of a highly experienced and professional wedding and pre-wedding video specialist in Sydney! A professional photographer and camera man are important for so many reasons.

Here are three important reasons to guide you into understanding the wedding film prices and choosing the right wedding package that perfectly suits your needs.

Immense knowledge and experience in pre-production and production

Professionals involved in the wedding production service have studied the art of video production either in a credible institution or practically on field. Wedding production involves three stages of film production and they are the pre-production, production and director of photography. The work involves schedule creation for bride and groom to know exactly how the day is going to be played out. Plan key scenes and shots to act out the storyline. The photographer needs to create the proper lighting condition, camera mechanic, shots composition and many more. So, now you can see how these elements make up a cinematic wedding film.

Abundant knowledge on the right types of equipment

An experienced videographer will be fully aware of all the professional equipment required to make particularly a drone wedding videography and photography perfect.  Professional video equipment will range from high definition to 4K cinema cameras. The 4K resolution refers to the horizontal resolution instead of the vertical ones. The 4K version takes cinematography to a whole new level.

Another aspect to consider here is the audio quality

Nowadays, plenty of photographers are using wireless lay microphones to fit them in the groom, bride and guest’s ears to catch everything being said flawlessly. The quality of sound is essential in a wedding photography and video packages. Specifically, the ones in your documentary edit.  Other equipment that are also used by a photographer involves tripods, monopods, sliders, Steadicams, crane jibs and many more.

 Knowledge and experience in editing

One of the most integral part of wedding videography includes editing. Video production companies pay plenty of money to purchase professional editing software. An editor has to spend countless hours and learn the techniques of these software platforms. Editors usually go to a good institute or learns the editing through constant practicing. The editing process can make or break a wedding video.

Professional wedding videos aren’t that simple to make

The next time Uncle Bob says I’ll shoot your video be sure to refer to these three points. A professional wedding production will have pre-production, production and post production aspects that require knowledge and experience. Remember these factors when choosing the right wedding package. Input these points when justifying wedding film prices. This video will be in your family for a lifetime and will be one of your most important keepsakes passed on to generations. Be sure to choose a professional video production company for your wedding and pre-wedding video packages in Sydney!